Meet Your Pace Leaders

Jesse Chettle 1:30 Co-Pacer

Jesse will be back at the Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon as a pacer for the second year in a row. In college, he competed in both cross country and track for Western State College in Gunnison, CO. In his cross country career, he was a part of one NCAA Division 2 national championship and two other top three finishes. Jesse is originally from Parkville, MO but is currently living in Gunnison and is in his second year as an assistant coach at Western State College. Jesse continues to train with the team and currently competes as part of the Boulder Running Company/Adidas out of Colorado Springs, CO.

Steve Blew 1:30 Co-Pacer

Steve Blew started running four years ago as a way to stay fit, but it soon became an obsession. He now competes in several road races every year from 5K to marathon distance. He has a marathon PR of 2:45:48 and a half-marathon PR of 1:20:25 (set at HH last year). Steve is very excited to be pacing the 1:30 half marathon group at such a great event. He is looking forward to meeting everyone in the group and getting everyone to the finish line under the 1:30 goal!

Tony Alt 1:35 Co-Pacer

Tony is a recreational runner who enjoys training just as much as racing. This will be his seventh time pacing the half marathon distance, and his fourth time pacing Hospital Hill Run. Hospital Hill Run is his favorite local race each year. Tony enjoys training for and racing in local triathlons and adventure races. He plans to run the first few miles slow to warm up, regain time during the middle miles and run mostly even splits towards the end, varying with the elevation. He enjoys pacing because the atmosphere is fun, and he enjoys helping and seeing people accomplish their goals.

Duston Morris 1:35 Co-Pacer

Duston Morris is a long time endurance athlete, coach and personal trainer. He has completed numerous marathons, half marathons, 10K and 5K events and is also a successful multisport athlete. He is a multiple Boston Marathoner and has top ten finishes in running and multisport events. Duston founded 3 Sport Fitness – an endurance sports coaching company.  Since its inception, Duston has helped numerous recreation athletes to elite status in running and multisport, including top placing in the KC MARA Grand Prix Series, USA Triathlon World Championships and USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals.  He offers basic and advanced running and multisport coaching programs which can help any athlete become stronger, faster and reach new PRs. In addition, Duston offers personal training services to help individuals reach new fitness levels and develop the strength and stamina required to set new PRs.

Robbie Fitzwater 1:40 Co-Pacer

Robbie is a 21-year-old college student at the beautiful University of Arkansas.  Running is among one of his many vices as a college student, and he is extremely excited to help others achieve their goals on one of the best half marathon courses out there. He grew up in Kansas City and loves coming home and experiencing one of the best events of the year. Robbie has paced Hospital Hill Run twice and has been successful with the Smart Pacing strategy, so he’ll be taking advantage of it again this year. So everybody looking to hit 1:40 doesn’t need to worry about their watches.  It’ll be Robbie’s job to keep the pace and your job to have fun and enjoy a great race!

Josh Hubbard 1:40 Co-Pacer

Josh is an avid runner and has past pacing experience with the 2009 Kansas City half marathon.  He has completed several marathons, half marathons, 5K events and a 50K last summer.  His favorite distance is the half marathon, and he's ready to help you get across that finish line in 1:40 or less!  Josh can’t wait to help others reach their goals using the Smart Pacing strategy.

Brian Beins 1:45 Co-Pacer

Brian is a recreational runner that enjoys the act of running as much as racing and wants to help you finish in 1:45. This is his third time pacing the Hospital Hill Run half marathon, successful previously at a 1:50 pace and now targeting 1:45. He will continue using the Smart Pacing strategy: the first two miles a little slower, quick walks through the water stops (and sprinklers if needed/available), then making up the difference on the flats/downhills.  If you are targeting a time of 1:45, this is about your goal. Feel free to run with, follow or just watch for him, knowing he will start a little slow and sensibly gain back those seconds at a faster pace.

Kristen Comment 1:45 Co-Pacer

Kristen has considerable pacing experience as a two-time pacer for the Kansas City Marathon as well as the Olathe Half Marathon and Rock the Parkway Half Marathon. With 21 marathons, including six Bostons and 10 half marathons among her accomplishments, she is confident she can help lead you to your 1:45 goal time. Kristen and Brian plan to use a Smart Pace strategy to cover the 13.1 miles as efficiently as possible and enjoy the journey in the process. Kristen looks forward to conquering the Hospital Hill Run with you in June.

Chris Lounsbury 1:50 Co-Pacer

Chris has been an active runner for about eight years. He keeps active and has always ran during the sports he participated in. However, it wasn’t until fairly recently that he embraced the sport. Chris is looking forward to pacing the 2010 Hospital Hill Run. This will be his third time pacing, and he loves the race and the sense of teamwork that goes into pacing. He plans to use the Smart Pacing strategy, starting out slow and doing some easy trotting or walking on most of the major hills. Chris is super excited this year about getting to co-pace with a regular training partner. He looks forward to seeing you at gun time as part of Hospital Hill Run’s largest field yet.

Nick Prewett 1:50 Co-Pacer

Nick is a recreational runner who has completed five marathons. He hopes to qualify for Boston within the next few years. This is his second year pacing Hospital Hill Run, and he has also paced the Kansas City Marathon. He brings energy and excitement when pacing and seeks to motivate everyone to achieve their goal times. He considers pacing a way to give back to all those runners that have helped him before. 

Larry LaVoie 1:55 Co-Pacer

Larry has been an avid runner for 20 years and currently runs with The Runner’s Edge serving as the pace group leader for the 8:00/mile group.  The half marathon is Larry's favorite race distance and he has a PR of 1:32 for the half and 3:18 for the marathon.

April King 1:55 Co-Pacer

April is an avid runner and health advocate who enjoys working with and motivating others to reach their personal health and fitness goals. April has paced several other local races and enjoys the camaraderie that comes from running with others.  April plans to start slow, make up time on down hills and walk briskly through the water stations.

Herschel Davis 2:00 Co-Pacer

Herschel is 54 and an avid runner who enjoys the 3F's of running: Fitness, Friends and Food. He has run 10 marathons in the past six years with his PR in Phoenix 2009 (3:32). Herschel credits The Runner’s Edge and Eladio Valdez III for helping him improve his times over the years. Herschel has a major goal of clipping the final two minutes off and achieving a 3:30 marathon. He has paced for the Hospital Hill Run six times now and paced numerous other runs.  Herschel really enjoys the opportunity to help other runners achieve their goals and looks forward to bringing EVERY person in the 2:00 minute group in on time or better.

Melissa Brancato 2:00 Co-Pacer

This is Melissa's third year pacing Hospital Hill Runand she’s very excited to get to pace again this year!  Hospital Hill Run was Melissa's first half marathon in 2004, and she has completed 10 marathons and numerous half marathons since.  She is thrilled to get the opportunity to pace and help everyone trying to achieve their time goal of 2:00. 

Chad Babcock 2:05 Co-Pacer

Hospital Hill Run 2010 will mark Chad’s fourth year as a member of the Garmin Pace Team.  Chad has been running competitively and recreationally since high school. He has competed in everything from the mile to the marathon, from short-distance triathlons to Ironman, in duathlons and adventure races.  Chad’s advice for race day is simple, have fun and support those around you. In his experience, conversation makes the course seem easier. While conversing, you don’t focus as much on the challenges of the day including, but not limited to, heat, cold, remaining distance and hills looming in front of you.  Best of luck!

Jim Still 2:05 Co-Pacer

Jim has completed 13 marathons and several half marathons, including Hospital Hill Run This is his first year pacing for Hospital Hill Run however, he has paced the 4:00 hour group of the Kansas City Marathon for the last two years. Jim started running 18 years ago and also competed in high school cross country and track. Currently he trains with The Runner’s Edge and is a firm believer in the Smart Pace strategy.

Jenny Mulder 2:10 Co-Pacer

Jenny has been running all her life and uses it as a social bonding time with friends. She has run 23 marathons with a goal to run all the 50 states. Her marathon PR is a 3:26 in San Francisco. This is her fifth time pacing, and she really enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals. She tends to start out slower and then picks it up in the later miles.  You are guaranteed to have fun in the 2:10 group if you stick with her.

Tiffany Snead 2:10 Co-Pacer

Tiffany started running marathons just over three years ago and has completed a total of 12 marathons since then, including the Boston Marathon. She has paced three marathons and, for the past two years, she has been a part of the Hospital Hill Run pace team. Tiffany thoroughly enjoys meeting new runners, learning about their experiences and what motivates them. Helping others to achieve their goals is a great passion of hers, and is one of the main reasons she enjoys being a part of a pace team.

Myra Valdez 2:15 Co-Pacer

Myra was inspired to start running after seeing her dad do over a hundred marathons and her husband, Eladio Valdez III, begin his training program, The Runner's Edge. She hopes one day her two children will also run and carry on the family tradition. Since 1998, she has run over 25 half marathons (with a PR of 1:41) and 12 marathons, including Boston. Myra has served as a pace group leader for The Runner's Edge and has paced the Kansas City half marathon for 2:10 and 2:00 hours the past two years. Myra looks forward to helping you run a smart, successful race at Hospital Hill Run while having fun along the way!

Stacy Scalfaro 2:15 Co-Pacer

Stacy started her running career with a 5K and knew she wouldn’t be satisfied until she conquered the marathon. Her spirit and determination allowed her to complete eight marathons including accomplishing her dream of running the Boston Marathon. One of her most rewarding experiences as a runner was being a co-pacer for the Kansas City Half Marathon. It was so exciting to help other runners accomplish their personal goals. She cherishes the friendships and bonds made while running. Stacy’s favorite race is the half marathon with a PR of 1:46 and a marathon PR of 3:44. She loves running because there is always opportunity for a renewed excitement with new races and personal goals.  Stacy’s pace strategy was taught by Coach Valdez, “start slow, settle in, finish strong.” (And don’t forget to have a little fun!) Stacy shares her love for running with her husband, Jeff, and her son, Caden. She will see you on race day!

Belinda Ambrose 2:20 Co-Pacer

Belinda is thrilled to pace Hospital Hill Run this year!  As an avid runner, having completed five marathons and six half marathons, and as a cheerleading coach, she has the experience and positive attitude to lead you up those tough hills! Running is so important to her, and she loves running alongside and motivating others to accomplish their goals! Hospital Hill Run was her first half marathon and, whether it's your first or twentieth, Belinda will lead you to a 2:20 finish time with a smile on your face!

Bryan LeBar 2:20 Co-Pacer

Bryan LeBar has been running ever since he took “The Marathon Class” in college and completed his first marathon. Bryan has completed numerous half marathons and several marathons. Bryan looks forward to helping runners achieve their goal times while keeping spirits high.

Jamie Montalto 2:25 Co-Pacer

Jamie Montalto has been running marathons, half marathons and triathlons for six years. Her goal is to help you enjoy your run and cross the finish line by 2:25. As a mother of an infant, she understands the importance of having a fun and enjoyable run. This will be her fifth year running the Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon and her second year as a pace leader. Her PR is 1:49 at the Lynn Electric KS 1/2 Marathon. Her plan is to follow a run/walk scheme and adjust the time for a more comfortable pace on the hills.

Anita Roberts 2:25 Co-Pacer

Anita has been running since high school, but started running marathons and half marathons about six years ago. She caught the marathon bug and has run 15 marathons and numerous half marathons. She also enjoys participating in an occasional triathlon. This is Anita’s third time pacing a half marathon. She plans on using the Smart Pace strategy and working closely with her pacing partner. She is looking forward to meeting the 2:25 pace group and helping the group reach their half marathon goals.

Stephanie Letourneau 2:30 Co-Pacer

This is Stephanie’s fourth time pacing the Hospital Hill Run. She has also paced the Kansas City and Little Rock Marathons. She thinks the elevation changes make Hospital Hill Run a fun and challenging run. She will use a run/walk method: running for a mile and then walking for a minute. Her goal is to encourage the 2:30 pace group to enjoy the run, finish strong and finish under 2:30.

Sarav Karunanithi 2:30 Co-Pacer

Sarav has run several marathons and half marathons and has been a pacer for the Kansas City and Olathe Marathons. He enjoys running long distances and helping runners achieve their time goals. Sarav will be using the Smart Pace strategy and will make sure everyone gets hydrated properly and takes strategic walk breaks at aid stations and also on noticeable hills. He is confident that he can pace you to reach your time goal of 2:29:59 or under, and that you will have fun throughout the race!

Marian Smith 2:40 Co-Pacer

Marian has been a runner and triathlete for many years, but has recently transitioned to a life with a full-time job and two small children. She runs to try to stay fit and is running this year to lose the baby fat from her baby born in January. She aims to help you cross the finish line with a smile on your face. This is her fifth year pacing Hospital Hill Run,and she has come to love the challenge of the hills. She will use a run/walk strategy to ensure a strong finish.

Cynthia Stapp 2:40 Co-Pacer

Cynthia has been a pace group leader for The Runner's Edge for three years. By employing the Smart Pace strategy, Cynthia has successfully completed 13 marathons (which includes serving as a pacer for KC in 2007, 2008 and 2009; Hospital Hill in 2009; Olathe in 2008; and 2009 and Rock the Parkway in 2010) and seven half marathons. She really enjoys encouraging others to do what they've never done before -- to run farther, to run faster or just to run!

Dianne Asher 2:50 Co-Pacer

Dianne is a mom and social work consultant who loves to run half marathons and marathons. She has been an active member of The Runner’s Edge since 2002. Dianne has completed seven marathons and too many half marathons to count, including Hospital Hill Run many times.  She had so much fun pacing the KC half marathon in the fall that she wanted to it again. She can’t promise it will be flat, but she can promise that she will do my best to make sure that you have the best race experience ever!

Sharon Johnson 2:50 Co-Pacer

Sharon started running marathons as a "bucket list challenge" to herself to see if she could actually complete a marathon.  After she realized she could actually complete a marathon, she started enjoying running and was smitten by the marathon bug.  Sharon believes that running helped her become a more balanced, working mom to her three kids. Sharon has completed 7 marathons and 22 half marathons locally and across the country.   She has completed the Hospital Hill race four times and looks forward to helping others their goals and possibly sharing the thrill of crossing the finish line with those that are new to running half marathons. Sharon uses a run/walk strategy which will allow for a comfortable, strong finish.

Janice Woolery 3:00 Co-Pacer

Janice is very excited to be pacing Hospital Hill  Run again this year. She has been a runner for over 30 years, having completed distances from 1,500 meters to the marathon. Janice is an RRCA and USATF Certified Coach and is working on her ACSM certification. While all that sounds a bit serious, she’s basically just a goof ball. Janice hopes all those in the pace group will enjoy the event as much as she does.  Go Team 3:00!!!

Kelly Pfannenstiel 3:00 Co-Pacer

Kelly started running in January 2007 with the goal of running the Corporate Challenge 5K that May. Since, she has completed numerous 5K and 10K events, along with ten half marathons. She paced the 3:15 group for the 2009 Hospital Hill Run Half Marathon and the 3:00 group for the Kansas City Half Marathon. Kelly loves encouraging and mentoring others to achieve their fitness and health goals. Her goal is to help you have a terrific race day experience and cross the finish line with a smile on your face!

Brittany Allen 3:15 Co-Pacer

Brittany began running in 2006 in an effort to lose weight, but she found a love for the sport independent of any weight loss intentions. She has completed six 5k events, seven half marathons and two full marathons since that time, and is now developing an appreciation for the sport of triathlon. She is excited to be joining the 2010 Hospital Hill  Run Half Marathon pacers in helping new and seasoned runners alike meet their goals!

Nicole Pele 3:15 Co-Pacer

Nicole enjoys a variety of physical activities.  She has completed six half marathons, two full marathons and numerous triathlons, including Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2008. She has biked across the great states of Iowa, Georgia and Wisconsin, and is currently training for Ironman Wisconsin 2010. What she most enjoys about exercise are the opportunities to spend time with friends and to encourage others in their quests for fitness. As part of this, she looks forward to providing pacing support at the 37th running of the Hospital Hill Run.

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