Green Initiatives

RecycleGoing Green Recycle, Reduce, Reuse!

In 2017 Hospital Hill Run will continue our commitment to the environment, by continuing everything from the year’s past and:

    • No longer printing any race applications
    • Limiting travel and using local people to assist with health and fitness expos
    • Providing more communication via email and Facebook

In 2012 Hospital Hill Run began:

  • The website has gone green by hosting with FatCow, an EPA Green Power Partner. The energy used by FatCow’s data centers, web servers and offices is offset by 200%, with the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). That means for every KWH of electricity we use, whether it’s providing customers with unlimited bandwidth or simply making coffee in the office, we buy twice that amount in RECs, which are applied to generate wind powered energy.
  • Giving out reusable grocery bags for participant goody bags

In 2011 Hospital Hill Run began:

  • Printing race applications on recycled materials and made the application 25% smaller than in previous years
  • Did not create any more goody bags at all, instead we are giving out previous year’s nylon goody bags.
  • No more samples or paper items given out to participants
  • Creating the Race Weekend Magazine with the help of Greenability
    • Paper: 50-percent post-consumer waste recycled
    • Paper: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified
    • Paper: Manufactured with wind energy
    • Ink: Soy-based, instead of standard petroleum based
  • Energy: Purchase of Renewable Energy Credits through AmeronUE’s Pure Power program offsets 100-percent of electricity used in printing
  • Partnering with the city of Kansas City for vehicles that us Compressed Natural Gas or Propane
  • Implementing a No-Idling policy for all staff vehicles and race vehicles
  • Sourcing all post-race BBQ sources pork and vegetables locally
  • Composting leftover food items from post-race BBQ
  • Recycling during the health and fitness expo and on race day including but not limited to:
    • Cardboard boxes, paper, plastic, glass and aluminum products
    • All cardboard used on course at water stations will be brought back to the finish line to recycle
    • Donating past year’s shirts and medals to charity partners to be repurposed
    • Emailing out VIP invitations instead of printing them
    • Offering a participant goody of an aluminum water bottle to discourage the use of plastic water bottles
    • Using the B-Tag for timing of participants which is part of the participant bib

In 2010 Hospital Hill Run began:

  • Eliminating all paper items in goody bags
  • Printed race applications on recycled materials
  • Creating volunteer shirts without a year or a date so leftover shirts could be used for future events

In 2009 Hospital Hill Run began:

  • Recycling plastic water bottles at finish line
  • Hospital Hill Run moved away from ChampionChip timing and moved away from the paper envelopes holding the timing device and the small plastic zip ties that were used to secure the timing device were also eliminated
  • No longer needed volunteers at the finish line to collect the timing devices
  • Offering a lower price to register online

In 2008 Hospital Hill Run began:

  • Creating mile markers and key signage in nylon so it can be used year after year

In 2007 Hospital Hill Run began:

  • Recycling all cardboard
  • Generating signs that can be re-used year after year
  • Using goody bags that were made of nylon so they could be re-used year after year
  • Emailing out final race instructions