WIN for KC

WIN for KC Check2016 Hospital Hill Run Foundation Grant Supports Mobile WIN (Women’s Inter-sport Network) Camps for Girls.

WIN for KC is a division of the Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation that focuses exclusively on igniting the lives of women and girls through sports. WIN for KC believes that participation in sports not only leads to healthier lifestyles, but also develops lifelong skills that translate beyond the competition field.

Camp WIN is the flagship event of WIN for KC. This year WIN held our largest Camp WIN to date and were sold out in just a few weeks. Over 600 campers ages 6-12 attended Camp WIN and learned life skills such as self-confidence, resiliency, leadership, team work, respect, determination and goal setting all while being introduced to 16 different sports.

Though 150 girls went to camp on scholarship, there are still many barriers for girls to have access to this life changing experience. Obstacles like transportation, apparel, and parent engagement. With these issues in mind, WIN developed a new program we call: Mobile Camp WIN.

Mobile Camp WIN is a one day program they take to schools or community centers where volunteers deliver the Camp WIN experience. Thanks to the support of the Hospital Hill Foundation, we piloted the program at two sites last fall and the results were remarkable.

“Good evening, Can I just say, today was one of the best days ever! Our girls had a blast! Right before everyone was leaving to go home, at about 600 this evening, a few girls that were left were out in the hallway showing our teachers their moves. They were so excited about their self defense class! Many girls said they can’t wait to play volleyball! Going to have to get a team together! Let me say, the girls will sleep well tonight!

Thanking you for making this event possible for Faxon! You are the bomb, as Ms Yo would say!!!!”
Kathleen Snipes, Principal, Faxon Elementary

With the support Hospital Hill Foundation we provided our Camp WIN curriculum and each camper received a t-shirt and goodie bag. But most importantly, we were able to leave legacy equipment at each site so the girls can continue to play. Thank you for helping us empower more girls in our community by supporting Mobile Camp
WIN. Together we are making a difference.

Lisa Diven, Director, WIN for KC