Go Baby, Go!

GBG22016 Hospital Hill Run Foundation Grant Supports “Go Baby, Go!” at Rockhurst University.


Hospital Hill Run Foundation made an investment in the Kansas City community to a project just off the route of Hospital Hill Run at Rockhurst University, “Go Baby, Go!”

“Go Baby, Go!” takes the motorized cars available to children from Target, Wal-Mart etc. and adapts them to fit the needs of a child with a physical or mental difference so that they too may enjoy the freedom such mobility can bring to them.


These cars do more for a child than mobility – children who achieve self-directed mobility, whether on their own or using some sort of assistive device, experience more social interactions, which leads to better communication skills. Exploration of their environment leads to improved cognition and memory and better spatial awareness.

The physical therapy students at Rockhurst, and engineering students at UMKC team up to adapt the vehicles to fit the need of each individual child.