7.7 Mile

For the 45th Anniversary Hospital Hill Run is bringing back the 7.7 Mile event.

In 1974 Hospital Hill Run began with a 6.8 mile run and 1 mile run.  In 1976 a half marathon was added and the 6.8 mile run was lengthened to a 7.7 mile run.  In 1994 the 7.7 mile distance was changed to an 8K and in 1996 was once again changed to a 12K.  The 12K distance remained from 1996 until 2007, when the Board of Directors decided to use a more universally recognized event distance and the 10K event began.

Start: 7:00 am (Grand Blvd just north of Pershing)
All Wheelchair events start: 6:50 am

7.7 Mile Course Map and turn by turn description to be updated soon.